Aurom's Gambit

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In the beginning, things began. This is just a summary of what has gone on so far. It will be left to anyone who wants to take it on, to fill in what gaps they desire. You can edit the post times at the bottom of the editing area. So if you want something to fit chronologically, you can adapt for that!

Month ended, individuals scored on # of goblin ears
Bartleby was 31, Bombs and Brom were tied for 32 and 33. (okay, they were all tied)
Bombs bragged about how many goblins he could kill by himself, Bartleby probed, challenge accepted by party.
Traveled uneventfully to Longwood Forest, past the King’s Shield.
Upon entering the forest, found 6 goblins. Bartleby blew two of their heads off, the other fled until Brom shot it down rather typically. Skinned ears. bartleby’s tent broke but no one cared.
Ambush in the night due to lack of guards. Relentlessly attacked again and again by 9 goblins, getting plenty of free shots and pursuing like pricks.
Bartleby and Brom tried to flee, Bombs stayed in his tent fighting his 3. Bartleby cut down. Brom killed 2, fighting 4. Bombs killed 1, still fighting in his tent. Brom ran to Bombs. Bombs tried a whirlwind, barely missed finishing off Brom. 2 or 3 goblins killed themselves as the longwinded battle continued. Bartleby rose again, just to fall down unconscious, feeling cheated by the gods. All killed, Bombs lugged Bartleby’s body back to town to be mended by Tara.
Tara, angry, healed Bartleby and tended to him. Warned that in the future she will be coming along. Party rated as 10, 11, and 12 in the rankings.
Went to fight more goblins. Gets blurry here. There was training before or after. Bombs learned whirlwind; Brom learned quickdraw; Bartleby learned nothing. Goblins then hill giant. Were there skeletons? Or was that when Bartleby was dead?
Met Tara’s lame boyfriend. They are going through Watchman’s Pass to see what up. Bartleby learned remove own cloth spell.



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