A Lady's Man... and Man's Man... Half-Elf, though.


Name: Bartleby LVL: 3
Race: Sexy Half-Elf Exp: 89
Class: Sorceror/Cleric/Badass/Pirate? Gold: 5
Sex: Male Age: 27 Height: 5’4" Weight: 115 lbs Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde

Vit: 4 HP (Vit*4): 16
Str: 1 THAC0 (20-LVL-Str): 16
Agi/Dex: 3 THAC0 (20-LVL-Agi/Dex): 14
Int: 8 AC (LVL+Agi/Dex): 6
Spr: 5 MP (Spr*2): 10

Weapon Hit (THAC0-SkLVL) Dam
Bow 12 1d6

Armor DR
Head: Pretty Neat Cap -1
Shoulders: Red Flowing Cape -1
Chest: Fairly Decent Tunic -1
Arms: Tribal Designer Sleeves -1
Hands: Fingerless Gloves -1

MP: 10

Skills/Abilities SkLVL Spells Dam SpLVL
Bow Marksmanship 2.1 Light Bolt 2d8 2.1


A devilishly handsome half-elf that is still ‘growing up’, despite having been mature for some time now. Born into riches, Bartleby was raised with the opportunity to pursue the many activities he fancied. Despite a lack of focus, Bartleby did show a consistent interest in the power of the gods, sailing ships, and relationship skills.

A few years back, Bartleby had a tryst with the priestess Tara Wolfsbabe. Though they did connect, Bartleby was unable to make the commitment required to keep the relationship going. No hard feelings or anything, kind of.


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